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Track and manage your IT assets and equipment. Stay up to date and make informed decisions

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AU•IT has helped many customers to bring their phone system into the 21st century. This has enabled our customer to reduce their phone bills, increase the flexibility and reduce the complexity of their business phones. With ISDN lines now End Of Life, it is the perfect time to make your business phone system NBN ready.

Managed IT Services Canberra: Tech Support & Solutions

In the contemporary world, every business, NGO, and government department depends heavily upon information technology to achieve goals and maintain operations. You need to be sure you have a system you can rely on. AU IT provides a wide range of IT managed services in Canberra, and our reputation for providing high quality service with professional standards in reliability is why our business is going from strength to strength.

IT services in Canberra are not difficult to find, but it is finding reliable Canberra IT support that is the real challenge. Anyone who has worked with computers or received an education in IT can claim to provide IT support services. Providing reliable Canberra IT support services is another matter, because you need to understand the needs of a business and adapt to the challenges of that industry. You also need a provider who is able to provide support whenever you need it, someone who is constantly monitoring your systems to ensure that your computers are protected so you can walk back into work with no problems.

It can be difficult to do research on IT support services, because everyone will claim that they are reliable and trustworthy. That's not a bad thing, and no one is lying to you about the services they can provide. What you should be looking for are the type of IT services a company can provide for you, as well as the experience an IT support services company has in regards to providing support in your industry.

Looking for the best IT support in Canberra?

Keeping a business running well these days can be a tough job but, as the saying goes, somebody's got to do it. As a busy manager, the last thing you are likely to want to see is the technology that is supposed to be helping you and your staff to be more productive getting in the way and actually working against you. That's how it can feel when something bad happens to the IT assets in your business environment.

That frustration is an experience you can put behind you when your business becomes a client of AU IT. We are your local IT experts in Canberra, in business for over 16 years, and with directors who have been working in the IT sector for more than 30 years.

Our proactive approach to managed IT solutions in Canberra means you'll experience fewer interruptions caused by technology, and because your technology will be normally functioning optimally, that means you should experience a noticeable increase in productivity across the business.

IT Solutions Canberra Businesses Rely On

We can help you with many things, including:

  • Advice on buying the hardware and software that will best help you achieve your business goals. This alone can save you a small fortune on the upfront costs of technology, and also help you prevent lost time and productivity.
  • Advice about technology that helps you save power and that is environmentally friendly. Going "green" is the in thing in business these days, not only because it is good for the environment, but also because it helps improve the public image of your business. In Canberra, this can be especially important.
  • Getting your computer systems running properly. This works best when the operating system is installed cleanly and is properly maintained. If all the additional software is installed only from trusted sources, and is set up and configured the right way, every computer on your network should run at peak efficiency.
  • Improving your IT security against external threats such as hackers, viruses, DDOS attacks, cyber-vandalism, cybercrime, etc.
  • Improving your IT security against internal threats (whether malicious or unintentional). Internal threats are a major and growing problem in the modern business world and can leave your business potentially exposed to even more severe harm than can be expected from external threats.
  • Performing a thorough risk assessment and helping you devise a risk management plan and disaster recovery plan. Knowing what you may be up against and being prepared for anything that might arise is how you stay ahead of problems.
  • Rapidly fixing any problems that arise due to system fatigue, user error, electrical supply faults and other causes. We'll get things back to normal quickly and also help you guard against a recurrence of the issue.
  • Answering any technical questions you have for us, including solving common (or even uncommon) software usability problems. If you have a question, call us. We will have the answer for you.
  • Help you with business telephone and VOIP services. You can save money, manage your communications perfectly, and enjoy better communications throughout the business. If you want to take your business overseas, we can even assist you in getting local phone numbers in over 40 countries.

Choosing Our Canberra IT company is the best investment your business will make

In one place you get everything necessary to boost productivity, increase security, make your business more fail-safe, achieve better communications, and have exactly the technology your employees need for getting their jobs done. Additionally, we can also help you stay ahead of the technology curve.

All it takes to get all this for your business is a simple phone call or email. We'll make it easy to get started and we know already you won't be disappointed. If you want to work with the best Canberra IT solutions, get in touch and let's have a chat about what we can do for your business.

AU IT provides IT support services for businesses in Canberra. We provide remote IT support as well as data recovery services so that you can focus on your business with peace of mind. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

Your local specialists for IT Managed Services in Canberra

People use computers to make their lives easier. In the business context, the aim is to make any employee's task as simple as possible. What a paradox it is, then, that the typical IT service seems intent on making every process as technical and perplexing as possible.

The problem arises from a tendency for service providers to make assumptions about what you already know. Sometimes you're put on the spot right from the beginning of the relationship when you're expected to be able to reel off a list of all the things you need. So, here's the thing – what if you don't know?

In a perfect world, your service provider helps you figure it out. If you already know exactly what you want and need, that's great, but not everyone can be expected to recite a list on command. Even those who can do that are not always right, and that can be a problem, too. Your service provider should be able to the right advice in every circumstance, and especially if that advice is going to save you time and money.

AU IT does things differently because we focus on empowering our clients. We want our clients to spend a lot less time thinking about their IT services in Canberra, because everything just works the way you want it to, and everything does what you expect. You don't need to be an IT expert when you're a customer of AU IT because we're IT experts. That makes sense, doesn't it? If you want IT services Canberra businesses can rely on, you can't go wrong with working with us.

Why choose us as your IT service provider in Canberra

So far we've talked about the who and the why, but not the how. We make IT easy by always putting your needs first. When you come to us, we help you decide which services are going to be of benefit to your business in the immediate future, and then we set things up for you and take care of all the work. If there's any part of it you prefer to do yourself, that's not a problem. We'll just handle the parts you'd rather not have direct involvement in.

Also, as an AU IT customer, you only pay for the services you require from us. We don't upsell a lot of extra services that you'll never use. The advantages for you as a customer of AU IT include:

  • Simplified IT throughout your business, so you and your employees can focus on productivity instead of IT problems.
  • Reduce your IT spending. We help you get maximum efficiency and productivity from your systems, and we can help you with hardware and software choices that will provide you with the best overall value.
  • Lower your risk. IT is a very important part of your business, and there are many ways that if it is not managed correctly, will expose your business to serious vulnerabilities. Hacking, information leaks, downtime, corrupted information, viruses, cybercrime and cyber-espionage are all problems that every business needs to be on guard against. We'll make sure your system is as safe as it possibly can be from these threats.

Call us when you need IT management in Canberra

Dealing with AU IT is always easy, whether you are speaking with us for the first time or you have been a customer with us for many years. You will always get first class service and sincere advice from our expert IT staff. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our services, so get in touch and start the process of making IT easier for your business. IT managed services Canberra businesses can rely on shouldn't be tricky or hard to get in touch with. Even if you aren't ready to commit to our services now or you don't need managed IT services, we are always happy to tell you what your managed services provider should be doing.

AU IT provides IT support services for businesses in Canberra. We provide remote IT support as well as data recovery services so that you can focus on your business with peace of mind. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.


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