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Do you need data recovery services in Canberra?

There is nothing more distressing than a computer or a hard drive failing on you when you need it most. A client is ringing incessantly looking for answers as to why their service has dropped and there is nothing you can do to satisfy them because their account or the information they need is inaccessible from a seemingly dead piece of hardware. Is it better to let them know that you can’t meet their needs or to stall for time by bluffing? Neither will lead to an acceptable outcome. So what else can you do? Call AU IT, the company with over three decades of IT expertise, and let them handle everything!

Recovering data has never been more important for businesses

One of the most dangerous practices in modern business, and yet still one of the most prevalent, is the use of and reliance on outdated equipment in a world where hardware and software are constantly updated to stay at the cutting edge. It could be a single device, a networked system or a piece of software that is installed on every workstation in your business that one day fails and leaves you scrambling for an excuse. Large corporations have the luxury of dedicated in-house IT departments who regularly service entire systems and perform maintenance when required, but smaller businesses simply can’t afford this level of care.

Or can they? AU IT has been delivering first-rate IT solutions to companies and small business owners operating on modest budgets for years. We work within the parameters of our client’s needs and finances to keep them swimming with the rest. Most importantly, however, we only charge fixed rates for our computer services so our clients never have to pay above their agreed price. It’s a small price to pay for data recovery in Canberra, especially when you weigh the costs of not having your data.

One of the best forms of protection against the need for emergency data recovery is regular data backups. We can perform site visits on a weekly basis to back up all of your essential data and keep it secure for you. This way, in the event of a disaster, you will not be left out in the storm without a life jacket. We can quickly replace the piece of equipment and upload your data in no time at all and get you back on track. Furthermore, by having AU IT take care of your IT support, we will perform a full health check on every aspect of your whole system. This means that before anything has a chance to fail and leave you at a loose end, we can identify a potential problem and resolve the issue before it arises.

Talk to us about setting up a data recovery system

With so many things to consider in IT, it is easy to brush them aside and focus on the day to day running of your business. However, doing so is taking your company’s life into your own hands. The last thing you want to be doing is looking for emergency data recovery services in Canberra when you need them the most. The first thing you should do to prevent such a scenario is to call AU IT and learn how we can help protect you from the worst before it happens.

It is hard to recover data without an existing service

You never need a data recovery service until you encounter a situation where your data is gone. There are many horror stories covering the different ways that someone has lost data right when they needed it.

You might believe that your computer inherently comes with ways to back up data, but it is not always as reliable as you may want it to be. What information that is recovered may be a draft that is no longer relevant, or the beginning of the document which is nothing more than a few sentences.

Those backup methods can’t be relied on if the physical storage of a device is damaged, and you will need to rely on external data recovery services to salvage your data. Even then, finding a provider who can finish the job urgently can be hard to find.

Data recovery services already in place mitigate that situation

If you handle or work with valuable information and you have a data recovery plan already in place, it goes a long way towards retrieving data quickly.

Your provider will most likely have made backups of your data on a daily basis, allowing them to pull the most recent version in the event of an emergency.

Should data loss occur due to a damaged drive, your services provider can have the drive repaired, or retrieve as much data as possible in the event it can’t be fixed.

You won’t have to waste time contacting providers to restore your data, and you won’t have to worry about having a backup that you can use. Your data will be back in your hands as soon as possible.

Data recovery isn’t something to ignore

While it can be hard to imagine yourself losing data at the workplace, it is a real problem. You don’t want to wait until your data disappears or a device won’t turn on to realise that you are in a terrible situation.

Data recovery services can save you from a number of situations outside of your control.

  • A work device breaks down while overseas: If you have another device with you, recovery services can give you a copy of the data you need.
  • A hard drive becomes corrupted: If you can’t access your hard drive due to an internal error you can’t quickly fix, data recovery services can give you the most recent copy of the data you were working on before the error.
  • A work device is misplaced: You can’t find a laptop with all of your important data? Your service provider can give you the latest version of the data that was on that device.
  • Compromised data: If someone has held some of your data hostage with ransomware, you can recover the necessary data with your service provider.

You can’t predict when you will lose data, and it is always better to have data recovery on your side in advance.


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