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If so, then we have good news for you – you’ve just found one of the best. In order to stay competitive in the technological age, it has become absolutely vital for businesses to keep their systems up to date and their critical information secure. A dedicated IT department is the best way to ensure your business doesn’t lag behind the rest or get lost in the noise. At AU IT, we specialise in bespoke IT solutions for small to medium-sized companies that help them to punch above their weight and vie for the sort of business that larger enterprises normally attract. We have helped hundreds of organisations to upgrade their standards through first-rate hardware and software updates, and dedicated IT support services.

Trust Your Business with a Private IT Company

When it comes to information security, it can be a tough job to ensure that your sensitive data, like client portfolios or financial records, is sufficiently protected from intruders. Hacks, scams, viruses and worms are constant threats to contemporary organisations of all sizes. As information technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, there are increasingly more gaps through which nefarious actors can try to access your systems and steal what they can. Without the proper safeguards in place, any network could quickly fall to even a single intruder with the right approach. Most successful businesses employ a dedicated support team to maintain and manage a data recovery system and ensure that it is running efficiently and securely. Many smaller sized companies believe this to be too great an expense; however, they never consider the potential loss that a data breach could cost their business in the long run. This leaves many small businesses wishing they had searched for private IT companies in Canberra when it is too late.

We offer high quality IT services that do not hurt your company’s finances. All of our services are offered at fixed rates that do not increase depending on the amount of work, the number of site visits or the level of upgrades required. Once we have taken a look at what sort of private IT support you need, we can give you a detailed quote for everything you are looking for. It’s that simple. We can monitor your entire system remotely and keep track of its performance. We produce regular service reports that give you a detailed view of how your devices and their software are performing and even recommend specific upgrades to improve your overall productivity by maximising efficiency. We can provide all the technical support that your company needs to not only stay secure but to reach its full potential.

When You Choose AU IT, You Choose Privacy

If you are thinking of investing in your business’ future, then dedicated onsite IT support is just what you need to stay ahead of the game. There’s no need to waste precious time searching for Canberra private IT companies online. Simply give AU IT a call, or contact us through our website, to get the very best service available for prices that will not increase over time. Get in touch with us today.

A private IT company doesn’t hide its work

When we talk about private IT companies, this doesn’t mean we are a company that hides what we do. We are a company that is privately owned and we don’t have any obligation to represent other technology companies.

We will make recommendations that you should buy technology from certain companies, like buying laptops of a certain brand. But we are making that recommendation because we believe it fits your needs the best, and not because we represent the interests of that company.

We make our decisions based on what is right for Canberra businesses, not what benefits a specific technology company.

We care about privacy too

Your company information can be sensitive and confidential. We won’t share your information with other companies or businesses. It takes a lot of trust to share your data and information with an external service provider, and we know the leap of faith that you take.

We have no reason to share your company information and it will stay safe with us.


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