Strengthen your “Human Firewall” with AUIT!

Australians lost over $851 million to scams in 2020, a record amount, as scammers took advantage of the pandemic to con unsuspecting people, according to the ACCC’s 2020 Targeting Scams report.

AUIT can offer you and your staff a fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing program specifically designed to help your staff detect, avoid and report scams and security breaches. Using our highly developed training systems, we will setup and manage a highly effective program of real world security training targeted at your organisations technical, physical and social security risks. We aim to keep your entire team up to date with current and future security risks that include not just anonymous hacker out on the internet, but real world attacks from external and internal to your organisation.

Our program includes:

  • A fully managed program of online training tailored to your organisation. We will design a training schedule which includes content specially selected for your organisation.
  • We will track and report on the training compliance of all your staff, with regular reminders if your staff skip training as well as carefully selected additional training for “at risk” staff
  • Ongoing testing of your organisations risk score, including internet and email based penetration testing.
  • Monthly reporting of your organisations risk rating so that you can see the system working, and we can better tailor the program to your organisation to minimise the risk of a costly data breach.

Don’t let your business be one of the victims!

Who is this program for?

This program is for businesses starting at as little as 5 users and scaling up to an indefinite number of users.

Corporations will benefit from AUIT providing a fully managed solution without having to hire a specialist team or try to load this onto the list of your existing I.T staff who may not have the time, nor the skills to manage a program of this nature.

Small businesses will benefit from having access to an enterprise level of training and testing.

For All businesses the major benefit is the reduction in security risk, and the ease of compliance with your security responsibility.

If you have ever been asked to comply with any modern security standard, such as ISO27001 or the Australian Government Information Security Manual, you will know that user awareness training is a major requirement of both. Make it easy on your staff and on your organisation by contacting AUIT today and ask how we can assist you!

    Our training and testing programs consist of a variety of content, including “phish testing” where we send out test phishing emails to your users to measure employees and give them a risk score. This score is reflective of that employees likelihood to be involved in a data breach and to determine your organisations overall security risk score.

    Additionally our programs include regular training videos, games and articles that your staff must complete in order to reduce their susceptibility to security risks.