So you may have heard the term VOIP being used a lot these days, but what is it and why do you need it?

VOIP stands for VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL.  As you might be able to tell,  this is something to do with Voice running over the internet!  And by VOICE we mean Telephone calls!

So with a traditional phone line, you have a copper cable that runs from your local telephone exchange, all the way to your house or building and you have a standard telephone that plugs into it.  This copper cable can provide both power and the signal, allowing the phone to make and receive calls.

With VOIP, instead of having this copper cable,  your telephone connects to your standard broadband internet connection.

This opens up a world of possibilities and flexibility for your phone system, as well as a few possible problems to be cautious of.

At AUIT we use and recommend a hosted PABX solution called JINGL.  AUIT are experts in helping businesses transition from their old phone systems to a modern hosted PABX solution, saving money and increasing efficiency and productivity in the process.

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