Disaster Recovery Planning

Have you considered if your business could sustain multiple hours of downtime in an outage caused by a disaster out of your control, do you know the cost impact that will have on your business? 

Do you need to gain visibility on your current IT assets in their lifecycle, or simply look to provision resources to ensure high utilisation of all deployed assets across your environment? 

AU•IT can provide IT Strategic Consultation services which can help to identify these key points of your IT productivity and visibility. These plans provide a high level of accuracy and understanding of your environment as it sits, and any of the vulnerabilities which risk leaving you out of operation.  

As well as providing an all encompassing understanding of your IT environment, these Strategic Plans can also be targeted at understanding the lifecycle projections of your current hardware (workstations, network equipment or servers). Providing a high level snapshot which can enable accurate forecasting of projected spending’s for your IT Fleet.