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IT Support Canberra

Since 2003, AU•IT has grown into a full-service IT Support company. Our experience and passion is what drives us to be the best, our growth is driven by our reputation and service at being able to deliver above and beyond. AU•IT offers a large range of services to suit all different types of organisations with different IT Support requirements.

Our team are passionate and experienced in:

Managed Services – Outsource all of your IT Requirements to AU•IT, reduce costs and focus on running your business / organisation. Use the technology to your advantage!
Network Design – AU•IT owns and operates a large Canberra based web and server hosting company. We have the experience, team and partners to help make your network more efficient, more protected and more securely advanced.

Fixed Rate IT Support – Looking for someone to come in on a regular basis and help with the ITC needs of your organisation? AU•IT has a large team which include many specialists as well as generalists who can assist in projects or the day to day operations of your environment.

Ad Hoc Support – Ad Hoc support is mostly break fix, our least preferred method of providing services, as prevention is better than the cure. Although if you are in a bind, we would be more than happy to help you out.

IT Security Services – How secure is your network? What about your devices? If one of your Staff members loses a laptop what information could be retrieved? AU•IT will help your organisation identify the high risk areas and provide solutions in reducing the risk and protecting your environment.

IT Project Management – Moving from an On Premise Microsoft Exchange or Small Business Server to Office 365? Or perhaps you need to roll out all new desktops or move to VoIP? Whatever your ICT project, AU•IT has the expertise to manage and deliver the project on time every time.

Asset Management – How many desktop PC’s does your organisation have? Are any of them under warranty? Are they covered under insurance? What about iPads, Phones or other tablet devices? AU•IT can manage your inventory of equipment so all of the details like models, serial numbers, software licenses and location of the device are recorded and available in a central location.

Disaster Recovery – What is your organisations RPO and RTO? Put simply, do you have a plan in place if your server goes down? What if not all the data could be recovered? How much could you afford to lose? How long could you afford to be offline for? Talk to our specialists about a plan that can keep your staff working effectively longer without interruption.

Backup Management – How many backups do you have? Are they onsite or offsite? Are your backups categorised? Have your backups been tested? How long is the restoration period? AU•IT can manage your backup systems to comply with your organisations requirements. Backups are just as important as production environments and should be tested regularly.

Business Continuity – Has your organisation planned for the unthinkable? What scenarios have been considered and how have they been planned for? If your sale’s staff cannot access email for a week, what are the consequences. If your server catches fire, what will you do? Talk to AU•IT about a business continuity plan so that you can conduct your business no matter the situation.

Cloud Services – Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Cloud Services, what is it? Can the cloud help my business? Will there be any cost savings? AU•IT has lots of experience with Public / Private and Hybrid Clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. AU•IT has specialist cloud staff that can help your organisation move to the cloud or manage your cloud environment or services. AU•IT is also a Microsoft Partner relating to Cloud Services.

Hardware Sales – Is your IT fleet becoming dated? Do you need an upgrade? From server replacements, desktop hardware, network / firewall and router infrastructure AU•IT can help you design the specifications suitable for your environment and utilise our buying power with our strategic partners. We can even help you with financing!

Hosting Services – Where is your website hosted? Who is managing the hosting environment? How often do you perform security patches or updates on your website? Do you have an application server? Or maybe you need a Private Cloud built and supported long term. So if you need IT Support in Canberra, be sure to contact AU•IT and we can help you with all of your IT and Support requirements.