Security Awareness Training & Testing

Protect your business data. Simulate phishing attacks and train a workforce ready for anything.

Why cyber security is important?

In 2021 Australians lost over $2 billion to scams – a record amount (ACCC). Small and medium businesses were a major target and noted disruptions due to the losses.

Since then, we’ve seen a rise in companies who have faced large data breaches throughout the year. Certainly, these security threats aren’t just damaging to the users; they can also harm a business’ reputation and bank account.

Understanding security threats

The most commonly reported scams were cases of phishing. Without a doubt, that means for every company, the greatest cyber security risk sits with the people who use your systems – employees.

Employees are often exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. In fact, 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack – an attack deliberately targeting specific individuals in your organisation.

How to secure your business?

One of the best practices for businesses is teaching staff to become the front line of your cyber security defences.

There are a lot of other ways you can secure your business. If you’d like us to take care of it all for you, get in touch about our managed IT service or other IT security services.

Security Awareness Training & Testing

To start you will simulate phishing attacks on your users. This will give you an organisational risk score.

After that, you can reduce your risk by setting up and managing a training program that makes use of videos, games, and articles. The training has a focus on real world cyber security scenarios to improve your staff’s ability dealing with technical, physical, and social security risks. You can also use the system to ensure people are aware of and adhere to your existing security policies.

Our program includes:

Tailored training

We will design a training schedule which includes content specifically selected for your business. You can fully manage the online training as you see fit.

Tracking and reporting

You will have access to a range of information about your staff and their improvement. There will be reports on the phishing tests as well as data on how your staff are progressing with the training.

Ongoing simulated phishing attacks

Automated phishing tests will show you if the training is working and ensure individuals stay aware of the most recent threats.

Monthly updates

With regular risk score updates you can see how the system is working. Depending on results, we can refine the program to minimise the risk of a costly data breach.

Get started!
Turn your staff into human firewalls.

We can simulate phishing attacks to see how prepared your staff are for security threats. Then we’ll provide everyone with comprehensive training to learn from their mistakes and prepare for the future.

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