Disaster Recovery Planning

Our disaster recovery plans take a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and can help you prepare for any type of disaster that could impact your business.

Be prepared for anything.

The Importance of Planning

IT is a fundamental requirement for so many businesses. Unfortunately, IT systems are particularly vulnerable to outages which can cause extended downtime and significant financial losses.

Disasters can strike at any time. Whether it’s a natural disaster, cyber-attack, hardware failure, or any other disruption to your usual system, your business needs to be prepared to handle the issues that comes its way.

That’s where disaster recovery planning comes in.

The Cost of IT Outages

The cost of IT outages can be staggering. The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute, according to a study by Gartner. Obviously, this will change depending on factors such as business size, but it highlights just how expensive outages can be. In the case above, if your business experienced a four-hour outage, it could cost you more than $1 million in lost revenue and productivity.

Your Plan

AUIT provide a strategic IT consultation service to identify the risk areas for your business. We will work with you and provide a comprehensive plan to minimise the impact of any IT disaster.

Your disaster plan will provide a thorough understanding of your current IT environment, including an assessment of the risks and vulnerabilities which could cause downtime.

Accurate Forecasting & Life Cycle Analysis

Your disaster recovery plan will allow for accurate forecasting of spending required on your IT fleet.

A critical components of disaster recovery planning is understanding the life cycle of your IT assets. Your IT fleet includes things like workstations, network equipment, servers, and other systems you may use.

By knowing when these assets are likely to reach the end of their useful life, and the potential risks they face along the way, we can provide projections for replacement costs and other necessary upgrades. This can help you plan your budget more effectively and avoid costly surprises down the road.

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Get ahead of the risk

Prevention is always better than the cure. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to start planning for IT recovery. Get in touch with our friendly staff and schedule a consultation to learn more about how our disaster recovery planning services can help protect your business from IT disasters.

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